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3rd grade reading proficiency for 2014-15

Third-grade reading proficiency (i.e., % meeting expectations on PARCC ELA) for students who have stayed in same school all year, changed schools once, changed schools 2 or more times

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1/8/2016 11:11:29 AM

2015 PARCC RI Teaching and Learning Results

A summary report of the 2015 PARCC results; contains state, local, and school data.

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1/5/2016 9:40:00 AM

2015 PARCC results

A comprehensive listing of district and school data that includes the percentage of students meeting and/or exceeding expectations; the number of students tested; and the percentage of students participating in testing. Follow this link for in-depth presentation of data for each district and school; includes disaggregated results for student subgroups. https://iss.ride.ri.gov/AssessmentResults

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1/5/2016 9:24:41 AM