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Searching By School Year: 2022-23

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Student Chronic Absenteeism Rates 2010-2023

% of students enrolled 90 days or more who were absent from schools 10% or more school days, by grade levels, race ethnicity, ELL, IEP, homeless, foster care, urbanicity

#absence #absenteeism #demographics #ell #ethnicity #excused #fostercare #homeless #iep #race #unexcused #urbanicity

5/13/2024 12:22:17 PM

Resource Allocation Dashboards

This set of interactive dashboards allows users to explore how LEAs allocate resources between the schools in the District. The first dashboard examines whether districts allocate resources progressively, that is, whether schools with larger share of economically disadvantaged students have higher per pupil expenditures. Subsequent dashboards dig in deeper on how each LEA allocated monetary resources and staff between schools and how it relates to student demographics, student outcomes, source of funds, and assessment outcomes

5/6/2024 9:51:40 AM

Adjusted 4, 5 and 6 Year Cohort Graduation Rates for 2022-23

Graduation, dropout, GED/Other, retention rates by race/ethnicity, students with IEP, LEP, economically disadvantaged students, gender, CTE, minority subgroups, homeless, foster care, alternative learning program and parent in armed forces active duty status.

#dropout #graduation #kidscount

5/1/2024 2:24:08 PM

student membership by LEA of instruction and by municipality

Crosstabulations of total student membership by LEA of instructions and by student resident community and vice versa, including students enrolled in LEAs other than their home districts.

#enrollment #eoy #membership #municipality #residency #town

3/6/2024 12:26:52 PM

High School Graduates Enrolled in College by LEAs

College enrollment, persistence and completion by LEAs, student demographics, type of college enrolled

#college #completion #persistence #postsecondary

2/26/2024 8:45:17 AM

Teacher statistics for 2022-23 by schools

Teacher statistics, FTEs, instructional staff by grade level, guidance counselors, librarians, emergency and provisional certifications

#fte #headcount #infoworks

2/2/2024 10:16:14 AM

Curriculum Data, Years 2018-19 to 2023-24

The Curriculum Visualization Tool provides an interactive way to view the curricula used across Rhode Island.

#curriculum #dashboard

1/31/2024 10:11:42 AM

Community Attendance Dashboard

Users can drill into chronic absenteeism at the census tract and block group levels. Users can filter to see whether certain demographic characteristics, (i.e., home ownership, access to internet), correlate with chronic absenteeism. They can also examine the impact of chronic absenteeism on achievement.

#absenteeism #achievement #attendance #ricas

11/3/2023 9:33:14 AM

Chronic Absenteeism and Achievement

This dashboard details, by varying attendance levels, the impact of chronic absence on state assessments. Leaders can drill into student groups to identify specific populations affected.

#absenteeism #achievement #ricas #sat

11/3/2023 9:21:26 AM

October 1st Enrollment Headcount State 2012-2024

by grade, race/ethnicity, gender, free/reduced lunch, EL, IEP, Immigrant, Title1 and Charter status.

#charter #ell #enrollment #gender #grade #iep #immigrant #lunch #october #race #race/ethnicity #title1

11/2/2023 3:15:01 PM

11/2/2023 1:06:55 PM

Days Absent and Truancy

Total days absent, by type of absence, # truant, by grade level, State # of students absent by days absent, lunch, lep status, by grade level, State # of students absent by days absent, lunch, lep status, for Grades K-03, State Total days absent, by type of absence, # truant, by grade level, by districts # of students absent by days absent, lunch, lep status, by grade level, by districts # of students absent by days absent, lunch, lep status, for Grades K-03, by districts Total days absent, by type of absence, # truant, by grade level, by schools # of students absent by days absent, by grade level, schools

#attendance #excused #kc24 #truancy #truant #unexcused

11/2/2023 12:56:22 PM

Students Held Back/Retained

by grade, race/ethnicity, gender, lunch status, ell status and special education status, and by prior year retained status.

#kc24 #retained #retention

11/2/2023 12:43:53 PM

11/2/2023 12:25:48 PM

Student Mobility, Stability Rates

by schools and districts, State and by grade levels

#enrollment #membership #mobility #stability

11/2/2023 12:18:04 PM

11/2/2023 12:14:07 PM

Student Membership Data for In$ite/UCOA PPE Calculations

LEA ADM/ADA summary LEA ADM/ADA summary by resident community ADM/ADA summary by resident community by LEA LEA ADM/ADA summary by grade, race/ethnicity, LEA ADM/ADA summary by resident community by grade School ADM/ADA summary School ADM/ADA summary by resident community School ADM/ADA summary by grade School ADM/ADA summary by resident community by grade

#insite #kc24 #lunch #municipality #program #residence #ucoa

11/2/2023 12:10:21 PM

Student Membership by Program Eligibility Status

membership by program by LEAs, by district community residence, by LEA by district community residence, by district community residence by LEA, by schools, by school by district community residence membership by program by district community residence for CT centers

#adm #homeless #iep #kc24 #lep #lunch #membership #program #sec504 #title1

11/2/2023 12:03:09 PM

Poverty and Minority Quartiles by Schools for 2022-23

This file sorts all public high schools and non-high schools into quartiles by the percentage of students receiving free/reduced-price lunch and the percentage of minority students , based upon Oct. 1 enrollment.

#enrollment #minority #poverty #quartiles

11/1/2023 12:00:30 PM

9/18/2023 10:44:35 AM

COVID Relief Federal Funds Reimbursements by LEA

This dashboard displays the allocation and reimbursements of COVID Relief Federal Funds in Rhode Island. Users can select the COVID Relief Fund (CARES - ESSER, CRRSA - ESSER II, ARP -ESSER III, etc.) to view the allocation amount, reimbursement amount, and percentage reimbursed for every LEA in Rhode Island.

5/12/2023 2:23:45 PM

Fall Enrollment 2021 by Grade & Place of Residence for Catholic Schools School Year 2022-23

2022 Fall Enrollment by grade and community of residence for Catholic Diocesan Schools.

#catholic #kc22 #kidscount #non-public #private

3/28/2023 11:45:00 AM

Nonpublic Enrollment by Community for Independent Schools 2022-23

Fall Enrollment by Grade and place of residence for independent schools 2022-23.

#enrollment #independent #non-public

3/28/2023 11:41:27 AM

LEA Financial Profiles FY23

RIDE developed financial profiles for each LEA to comply with the requirements of RIGL 16-7.2-8. The LEA financial profile is a four-page interactive report customized to every district that includes high level information about the characteristics of every district (including a set of outcome measures) and an in-depth analysis of the finances. The primary objective of these financial profiles is to provide useful information to LEAs and the public about the source and use of financial resources.

#dashboard #ucoa

2/8/2023 3:47:44 PM

UCOA Data Exploration Tools

This interactive set of dashboards allows users to explore historical UCOA data by the different segments of the UCOA string. Users can run and export detailed analyses by selecting the locations of interest (LEAs, Schools, or other District Locations) and filtering by the UCOA segments (object, function, program, etc.).

#dashboard #ucoa

2/8/2023 3:45:16 PM

UCOA LEA Budgets

This dashboard identifies the LEAs that have submitted their 22-23 Budget Only file to RIDE as required by R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-2-9.4. For those LEAs that submitted a budget file to RIDE, users can explore and download their detailed budget information disaggregated by the UCOA segments.

#dashboard #ucoa

2/8/2023 3:17:37 PM

October 1st Headcount by LEAs Multi-year

October 1st enrollment by LEAs including Charters and State Operated Schools

#enrollment #headcount #leas

12/28/2022 10:41:54 AM

12/16/2022 12:10:00 PM

October 2022 Public School Enrollment By Grade

October 1st public enrollment counts by grade, schools and districts

#october #grade #infoworks #kc23

12/5/2022 12:33:36 PM

RI Community Education Dashboards

RI Community Education Dashboards


3/3/2022 11:41:00 AM

Historical Absences

This dashboard shows historical Chronic Absenteeism Data

#absenteeism #attendance #dashboard

12/21/2021 10:59:00 AM

High School Graduation Rates Visualization

The Graduation Dashboards include Graduation, Retention, GED and Dropout Rates.


7/20/2021 3:50:00 PM

4/29/2021 4:30:00 PM