Federal Revenue Expenditures

This dashboard focuses on a subset of expenditures: those coming from federal revenue. The main pie chart shows the different activities spend federal revenue; the exterior of the pie chart highlights what is related to instruction and instruction support. The details of each activity are listed to the right as percentages and a “snapshot” view of the trend over time.

Federal, State, and Local Revenue Trend over Time

The dashboard explores the trend of Federal, State and Local expenditures over time. The heatmap of program level spend at the bottom of the dashboard allows will highlight the highest concentrations of spend in each year.

Revenue by LEA

The purpose of this dashboard is to display the breakout of Federal, State and Local revenue at a district level. The user can see the Total Amounts or Per Pupil values and compare their district to others. Users can also narrow in on specific fund types or funds if they want to view specifics about revenue (e.g., trust fund revenue sources).