Compensation and Benefits Expenditures

This dashboard shows a breakout of compensation and benefits for state broken out by School or LEA, as well as a breakout of expenditures by position. It allows users to see the distribution of costs by position (e.g., that teachers are where the majority of money is spent)

English Language Learner (ELL) Expenditures

This dashboard focuses on ELL spending. A parameter toggles the views between different values (Activity, Broad Objective, Job Classification, Budget Item) and shows expenditures as a % of total for the state, selected LEA and all LEA Groups.

Expenditures by Function versus Revenue Source

The purpose of this dashboard is to compare expenditures expressed as a percentage of total by LEA or school. The user can see activity (function) level details, as well as what percentage of funds are federal, state and local.

Expenditures by LEA

The purpose of this dashboard is to display the breakout of Federal, State and Local Expenditures at a district level. The user can see the Total Amounts or Per Pupil values and compare their district to others. Users can also narrow in on specific fund types or funds if they want to view specifics about revenue (e.g., trust fund revenue sources).

Instructional Support Expenditures

This dashboard focuses on instructional spend and how it has changed over time. The top view shows major instructional support activities over time while the bottom view highlights the detailed activities.

Leadership Spending and Comparison

This dashboard focuses on leadership expenditures for the current school year. It highlights the major activities and their total spend for the current year at the top, above a stacked area chart that shows the trend over time.

Per Pupil Expenditures Chart

This tabular based report displays a chart of Per Pupil values by LEA. The LEA Code along with Total Expenditures are displayed alongside the actual expenditures per pupil and equalized actual expenditures per pupil at the LEA level.

Per Pupil Expenditures Comparison by LEA

This report compares differences in total expenditures for each LEA against each LEA's per pupil spending. Additionally, the report shows the equalized per pupil values.

Property Tax Expenditures

The purpose of this dashboard is to display the Property Tax and Supplemental appropriation values by district. The user is able to compare districts, as well as view the bar chart by Totals or Per Pupil amounts. A user can also the state and peer level values on the left-hand visualization. The right-hand side shows a trend over time with a visual indicator showing whether the district increased or decreased relative to the prior year.

School Maintenance Expenditures

This dashboard displays maintenance costs that are reported at the school level broken out into the main categories of Supplies, Salaries & Benefits, Repairs & Maintenance, Property Services and Other Costs. Within a category a user can click the sub-categories and view detailed expenditure data (e.g., clicking on the Supplies bar shows the breakout of Electricity, Natural Gas, etc.).

Special Education Expenditures

The Special Education dashboards are split into two because out of district costs are considered separate from normal costs. The in district dashboard shows total special education costs by LEAs as well as breakouts of expenditures at the function level.

Special Education Expenditures (Out of District)

The Special Education dashboards are split into two because out of district costs are considered separate from normal costs. The out of district cost dashboard shows total costs and is broken out at the subject level.

Subject Level Spending Comparison

This dashboard allows users to explore the spread of expenditures by subject area for selected LEAs. A user can select a school to highlight to better compare it to others in the view. The user can also explore more detailed function level via interaction on the first viz.